Are you a Zambian living in the Diaspora? Are you ready to return home? Or are you looking to invest in a property back home? Diaspora Connect helps you find your ideal property, source your ideal mortgage from Zambia and purchase your property legally and safely.

Are you a Zambian living in the diaspora? Are you ready to return home? Or are you looking to invest in a property back home? Diaspora Connect helps you find the perfect property, source your ideal bank account or mortgage from Zambia and purchase your property legally and safely.


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Have you been struggling to find the right type of property to buy in Zambia?

Have you lost money trying to buy property through family and friends?

Are you finding it difficult to find credible and trustworthy service providers to help you buy your property?


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Do you believe that the system doesn’t work when it comes to obtaining a certificate of title for a property?

Do you want to return home but don’t know where to start?

Do you feel out of touch with the property market in Zambia?



If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Diaspora Connect is the stream lined one stop shop that resolves all of your issues by advising you on the buying process, helping you make an informed decision on the right property for you, assisting you to source your ideal local mortgage, open a local bank account, obtain certificates of title on your behalf.  All this under one service!  Diaspora Connect works to provide you with a smart and reliable way to buy property back home.

We are proud to say that Diaspora Connect changes the current status quo! We believe that your dreams of buying a property back home should become a reality! We want you to become a more informed buyer with facts at your fingertips and access to an exclusive set of service suppliers.  We know you will be perfectly positioned to feel confident enough to buy or invest in Zambia with the peace of mind you deserve.  No more uncertainty over finding the right property, or having your hard earned money being diverted to other uses by “well meaning” relatives, no more going for years without title deeds in your name without a satisfactory explanation.  No more confusion, frustration or mystery.  Just your perfect home or investment property in Zambia.



[services stitle=”THE DIASPORA CONNECT SERVICES” show=”3″ s1icon=”icon-pointer” s1title=”Land & Property Developments” s1text=”Choose from an exclusive set of developments available on the Zambian market. We help you find a suitable property to buy from available virgin land or a selection of new developments with completed units.” s1link=” ” s2icon=”icon-wallet” s2title=”Mortgage & Financial Services” s2text=”Diaspora accounts & mortgages exclusively for Zambians in the diaspora. We use reputable financial institutions who have customised products and mortgages specifically for Zambians in the diaspora.” s2link=”″ s3icon=”fa fa-gavel” s3title=”Legal & Conveyancing Services” s3text=”Safely purchase your property and obtain title deeds in your name. We guarantee you a legal and conveyancing service that is first rate through one of Zambia’s leading real estate law firms.” s3link=”″ s4icon=”icon-user” s4title=”4th service title here” s4text=”4th service text here” s4link=”http://”]


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