About Diaspora Connect

In 2015 Folotiya & Chiumya Legal Practitioners (FNC Legal) recognised that there was an opportunity to better service Zambians in the diaspora. As a result, it approached a select group of companies and put forward an opportunity whereby it could create a single platform that would address all the concerns and headaches of buying property back home. This new service has one key function, to help Zambians in the diaspora find high-quality property developments and then offer them a safe, easy and efficient buying process by bringing together three key elements; property, financing and legal representation. All the partners within Diaspora Connect have tailor made their service to just to suit you! Whether you are close to home in Africa, Europe, America or even far off Asian, this solution will help you  finally acquire that property in Zambia.




Diaspora Connect has made this a really effective yet simple process for you because we have built this service just for you – the Zambian living in the diaspora. We have taken the main areas involved when purchasing a property, found some of the best service providers within these areas and asked them to create a package specifically customised to your requirements. We have made this service available for you online through our website, our social media sites and shared a plethora of information to familiarise you and guide you through the process.

Diaspora Connect is a value-added service that combines our partners’ strengths to offer you an innovative single service solution.  Our a la carte cloud service software is used to manage your buying process as well as enabling you full access to all your property documents electronically online. To learn more about Diaspora Connect, our service providers and how we can help you buy in Zambia, join us on our next webinar.