On this week’s episode of the Friday Property Clinic, we are joined by Rachael Njobvu from Modern refinement limited. She joins us as we discuss “How you can make your property ideal for rental.” If you recently purchased property in Zambia and are ready to rent it out but want to make sure you maximise it’s desirability? This episode of the Friday Property Clinic will run through the key points you need to consider.

Property, is an investment that can yield great returns when one goes about it the right way. There are a number of features considered to be popular by the rental market when people are looking for rental property. To ensure you get great returns on a property there a number of ways you can make your property ideal for rental.

To get in touch with Rachael, you can contact her on the details below:

Rachael Njobvu   –  Modern Refinement Ltd.

Email: info@modernrefinement.co.zm

Web: www.modernrefinement.co.zm

Tel: +260 975 883 301


To review the slides click HERE: EPISODE 6: HOW CAN I MAKE MY PROPERTY IDEAL FOR RENTAL (128 downloads)




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