Land & Property Development

Diaspora Connect offers a unique selection of virgin land plots, apartments and new-build homes specifically curated to meet your basic buying needs.

We have taken what many perceive as problems and created this service to make the buying process safe, reliable, and effective. You will find relevant and helpful information on our site to guide you through the requirements of buying property in Zambia and learn how our service can assist you in the process of buying your new property in Zambia.



Through Diaspora Connect you have the opportunity to find and purchase desirable plots of land, new apartments or new-build homes located within developments in and around Zambia. To find out more about our featured developments this month select one of the following developments.




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When buying from abroad one of the key issues buyers express is the fear that licensing and documentation for their purchases may not be in order. Our developers go through a rigorous checklist before being selected as a development featured on our site. What this means for you, the buyer, is that your purchase is legal and that the land has all the basic amenities in place such as access to electricity and water connections. For new housing developments our select group of developers ensure amenities such as sewerage, litter collection, community services are all accounted for and correctly implemented. With these aspects in place, you the buyer can rest assured that your purchase is credible and meets the base requirements when building or buying your new home.



[services stitle=”CHALLENGES WHEN BUYING PROPERTY IN ZAMBIA” show=”3″ s1icon=”icon-diamond” s1title=”CREDIBILITY” s1text=”“Im struggling to find a trustworthy credible mechanism in Zambia through which to channel my money. I want to invest but I don’t know of any good property investment opportunities”” s1link=”” s2icon=”fa fa-home” s2title=”AVAILABILITY” s2text=”“Im looking online but i just can’t see any quality property developments for me to feel comfortable enough to buy a property back home.”” s2link=”” s3icon=”fa fa-unlock-alt” s3title=”SECURITY” s3text=”“You know – I don’t think Zambia has changed much in terms of corruption or unimproved public system. I just don’t feel it’s worth my while to return to Zambia right now – even though I would love to.”” s3link=”” s4icon=”icon-user” s4title=”4th service title here” s4text=”4th service text here” s4link=”http://”]

Our Diaspora Connect team has scoured the country to uncover new developments that offer the best opportunities to buyers. With a remit of sourcing and offering you desirable virgin land, generous in scale and elegantly designed homes, an impressive portfolio of apartments, and investment opportunities with desirable rates of return, we know you will find our developments impressive.

We strive to offer you the best in class developments that can currently be found in Zambia. Whether you are searching for your dream home or looking for an investment that offers you an enviable rate of capital growth, our properties will be sure to impress you. We will continue to bring you new developments in order to offer you a wide range of properties and plots to choose from.

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