Legal & Conveyancing Service

Folotiya & Chiumya Legal Practitioners (FNC Legal) has built up an extensive property development practice that has handled thousands of transactions.  They are eager to extend their services to Zambians in the diaspora.  A member of the FNC Legal team will take you through the conveyancing (buying & selling of property) process so that you know exactly what to expect as the process unfolds.

FNC Legal’s lawyers are licensed by the Law Association of Zambia.  If they misuse your hard earned money (which would never happen) that was meant to buy your property for their own purposes, you could report them to LAZ and they would be liable to lose their license.  In addition, you could claim compensation from the LAZ Compensation Fund that all licensed lawyers contribute to.  Using licensed lawyers like FNC Legal is a far safer option than family or friends or ‘independent property consultants’ where you will have NO recourse should things go wrong.




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