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Once considered remote and inaccessible, Founders Park estate in Lilayi is now in the middle of a thriving community.  In just 10 years, this neighborhood has transformed from being an agricultural block to having all the conveniences of a city life.   The estate lies in an area that is serviced by numerous tarred roads, schools, a university, shops, bars, restaurants, filling stations and much more.  And yet it still manages to keep the ‘farm’ feel of a peaceful neighborhood with a strong sense of community.  Although it’s only 20 minutes away from the CBD, 10km from south of down town Lusaka and 7 km  from Woodlands using the new ring road, long time owners describe the estate as being welcoming, secure and having a feeling of ‘fresh air’.  Founders Park offers the ultimate ‘plot and plan’ solution – allowing you an opportunity to buy land and build the home of your choice in the most affordable way possible.


Village 1 is sold out but there is a limited number of plots remaining in Village 2.  The estate is serviced with all weather gravel roads, good water supply, sewerage lines and power right to the boundaries of each plot.  All you need to do as a buyer is pay the utility companies their connection charges.  All plots are on title.  There is also a homeowners’ association that attends to the running of the estate.  In the home owners have formed a neighborhood watch committee. Rubbish collection is all readily available at a very affordable fee.


Founders’ Park has three different plot types of small and medium plots at very affordable prices.

Plot size Cash Price Deposit
540 m2 170,000 17,000
582 m2 180,000 18,000
639 m2 190,000 19,000
1,068 m2 330,000 33,000


Please contact us if you would like to find out more about the 6 and 12 month payment plans by clicking on the link below!



Founders Park is excellent value for money, particularly for those that are looking to make their first entry onto the property market.  The affordable price range of the plots combined with the payment plans make this a fantastic offer.  You’ll be able to buy property in a way that aligns with your budget.  In addition, the great prices offered are all inclusive prices!  This is a rarity in Lusaka today.  Most plots that are affordable don’t come with any services whatsoever, it’s left to the buyer to drill a borehole, dig a manhole, and bring power – all at an exorbitant cost.  This headache is completely done away with at Founders Park leaving you to focus on what you want to build on your property.  Once again, building can be done at your own pace and at your own budget.  For the more seasoned property investor, these plots represent a solid property investment where you can still gain from capital appreciation or build units that would be attractive to rent out due to the location.  You can even combine plots and build to take advantage of the bourgeoning rental market in a fast growing area.  Another advantage is that all plots have their own title deeds.  This gives you peace of mind that when you buy a plot you’ll be able to process title in your own name, securing your ownership of your investment.