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Salama Park Apartments

10101, Zambia
For Sale
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  • 2 Bedrooms


Salama Apartments is a complex of 6 flats located within the vibrant Salama Park; a new neighborhood located between Avondale and Ibex Hill which has benefited tremendously from the growth of the property market in recent years. It was a former commercial farm that was converted into a mixed use estate just a few years ago. It is now home to hundreds of property owners with houses and apartments as well as the popular Twin Palms Mall that serves the growing neighborhood.

Each Salama Park Apartment is a double story two bedroomed apartment just over 106 sq.m with a generous living space on the ground floor, encompassing the living room, dining area, kitchen and guest toilet. The first floor houses the two bedrooms and shared bathroom. The Apartments have been constructed up to a grey finish (shell) that includes all block work, electrical conduits, plumbing piping and roofing. Each buyer will be able to finish their apartment according to their own preference, timing and budget. As a buyer, you can decide when you want to put in your kitchen, tile your bathroom, or kit out the bedrooms – it’s all up to you. This option gives you maximum control and affordability. If you’re in the diaspora, our authorized architect and contractor are on standby to help you finish your apartment. It can then immediately be put on rent to start generating you an income! This is a fantastic investment for you in the diaspora if you want a base for your home visits that can also generate income while you’re away.

The location of these apartments could not be better for city living. Salama Park is a thriving
neighborhood with lots of amenities; malls, shops, bars, restaurants, schools, filling stations etc. Twin Palms mall is even undergoing an extension, such is the popularity of this retail destination located next to Salama Park.  The roads have recently been upgraded and tarred within Salama Park itself and the surrounding areas, making the airport less than 15 minutes away. Moreover, its an easier drive for those working in the CBD.

The fact that the apartments are sold as a shell means they can be offered at a great retail price of K490,000. A finished apartment in Lusaka would easily cost you between K750,000 – K800,000. This reduced price is much more affordable, giving you full authority to decide on your budget for completing the apartment. Diaspora Connect can help you negotiate suitable payments terms.

Property is all about location, location, location. Salama Park Apartments is in a thriving neighborhood with lots of amenities. Buying an apartment as a shell keeps the price affordable at K490,000 while giving you complete flexibility on when and how to finish your apartment – with additional help if you need it from a professional construction team. The same team ensured the shell structure is a solid build as an architect, contractor, quantity surveyor and engineer all provided their services for this project. Don’t worry about title deeds taking ages to come out – each flat already has its own title deed. Once you finish paying for your apartment, you can immediately start processing your title deed.

Salama Park Apartments is ideal for those looking for the perfect location for city living. It’s ideal for the young, professional couple which makes it an excellent choice for the discerning property investor that is looking for a great rental property. Once you complete your apartment you can immediately put it on rent to start generating an income for you. An attractive alternative to that is to add some basic furniture to your apartment and rent it out by the day thereby further increasing your rental income. Get your Airbnb on! The apartments proximity to the airport make this a very attractive option. The added benefit if this is that you can use it as a home base when you come for home visits – now that’s a

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