Want to buy land that is not yet on title?  BUYER BEWARE!

Many people sell plots which are subdivided from a bigger piece of land. It may seem straightforward to buy land in this way, as the person selling the land assures you that they are in the process of subdividing and will be able to give you your title deed or approved survey diagram soon.

Very often people underestimate how long it takes to subdivide land. The process is laborious and can take months and in many cases years, particularly if it’s not done by a team of professionals. There are a number of approvals that must be obtained from local and provincial authorities, not to mention the actual production of approved survey diagrams for each separate plot from the Ministry of Lands. The risk is that when you buy from a person who is in this process they can get fatigued and defeated with all the administrative hurdles they face. Some even give up on the process or let it slide into limbo. This is extremely stressful for the buyer that has usually finished paying for the property and is anxious to have their title deeds.

Desperate buyers often have to take over the process and start spending their own time and hard earned money on completing a task that is not their legal responsibility.

Diaspora Connect brings you a selection of seasoned and experienced developers. They are well aware of the process of obtaining individual subdivisions and title deeds for their properties. In addition, they are able to deploy the resources and manpower to push through the hurdles and get the right results. Many of the developers are companies that are heavily invested and committed to property development, therefore they can’t ‘run away’ from their responsibilities or give up on the process because it has become difficult. They expect it to be difficult and have professional support to help them navigate the bureaucracy. Even the individual developers we feature have extensive property experience and personally ensure the right outcome for their buyers because they take a long-term view of their position in the property market. Their reputation is of utmost importance to them as they seek to do more projects in the future. Contact us today if you wish to find out more about how you can buy property back home in a safe and reliable way.

Contact us today if you wish to find out more about how you can buy property back home in a safe and reliable way.


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